i : The Capabilities

Research & Strategy

Design Research
Market & Landscape Research
User Research & Buyer Persona
Consumer Experience Strategy
Brand Strategy
Technology Strategy
Product Strategy & Roadmapping
Content & Video Strategy

Design & Creative

Omni-channel Experiences
Digital Product & Service Design
Physical, In-store & Experiential
Brand Design & Brand Content
Motion Graphics
Photo & Video Production
Campaign Strategy & Execution
Holistic Sales Funnel Creation

Implementation & Scale

SEO & Schema
Web / Mobile Site Development
CRM Development & Integration
360º Display / AR
Social & Search Advertising
Programmatic Advertising
Big Data & Analytics
Marketing Automation

ii : Partners & Work

Accessible UV Sanitization

Helping Retirees’ Reach A Worry-Free Retirement®

Serving Floridians Insurance Needs For 30 Years

The Hallmark Of  Personal Care Communities

Putting The Allure Back In Peoples Homes

We create deeply connected brands, services, and products that enable powerful relationships between businesses and people.

iii : Thoughts & News
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July 21, 2020


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What Is Design Research?

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iiii : About & Origin

We focus on immediate, tactical results with an eye towards a long-term, thoroughbred vision.

In Kentucky, horse trainers and bourbon distillers alike will tell you, there's something in the water. Our limestone water yields more than just thoroughbred race horses. It has given birth to REIN, we are a foal of an advertising agency in Louisville, but what we lack size & est years, we make up for with grit and tactics. By using first-party and third-party data, we arrive at an unbiased opinion of who your ideal customer is, and work with you to identify the optimal way of reaching them. In an age where data reigns supreme, we ensure our clients have an advantage.

We engage with dedicated, multidisciplinary A-teams. Homogenous, siloed, cascading teams get you equally sterile results. On each of our carefully selected client engagements we custom craft a small team comprised of top-level researchers, designers, strategists and technologists. This team is lead by a member of senior leadership. We are deeply integrated with our client teams—collaborating, operating and moving quickly together across all aspects of the project.


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We aren’t just pixel jockeys. We raise your brand as the champion thoroughbred it is or should be...

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