i : The Capabilities

Research & Strategy

Design Research
Software Strategy
User Research & Buyer Persona
Consumer Experience Strategy
Brand Strategy
Technology Strategy
Product Strategy & Roadmapping
Content & Video Strategy

Design & Creative

Omni-channel Experiences
Digital Product & Service Design
Physical, In-store & Experiential
Brand Design & Brand Content
Motion Graphics
Photo & Video Production
Campaign Strategy & Execution
Holistic Sales Funnel Creation

Implement & Scale

SEO & Schema
Web / Mobile Site Development
CRM Development & Integration
360º Display / AR Experiences
Social & Search Advertising
Programmatic Advertising
Big Data & Analytics
Marketing Automation

ii : Partners & Work
Helping retirees’ reach a worry-free retirement.

Case Study, Omni-channel Campaigns, Digital User Roadmap, Website & Marketing Automation coming soon…

The hallmark of Personal Care Communities.

Case Study, Omni-Channel Campaign & Website coming soon…

Serving Floridians Insurance Needs For 30 Years

Case Study, Omni-Channel Campaign & Website coming soon…

Putting the allure back in peoples homes

Case Study, Digital User Roadmap, Website, coming soon…

We create deeply connected brands, services, and products that enable powerful relationships between businesses and people.

iii : Thoughts & News
CRM & Data PipelineFeaturedHolistic Digital Experience Marketing
December 4, 2019

Should My Company Invest in Salesforce or Agile CRM?

A core part of any data-driven company is a flexible, scalable and functional CRM. During the many growth cycles a company goes through, they often adapt and upgrade their software…
July 26, 2019 in CRM & Data Pipeline, Featured, Financial Marketing, Holistic Digital Experience Marketing

5 Reasons Businesses Should Be Transparent With Customers

Researchers estimate that between television, radio, the internet, email, and social media, the average person receives the equivalent of 174 newspapers worth of data every day. That means consumers have…
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May 29, 2019 in Featured

Google Rolling Out Mobile Search Redesign, What Does It Mean For Your Marketing Efforts?

The new look brings some branding to the search results, and preps the mobile search for more types of content and actions for users to take right from the search…
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May 28, 2019 in Featured, Holistic Digital Experience Marketing

Reactive Search and Intelligent Optimization

Reactive Search integrates sub-symbolic machine learning techniques into search heuristics for solving complex optimization problems. By automatically adjusting the working parameters, a reactive search self-tunes and adapts, effectively learning by…
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May 10, 2019 in CRM & Data Pipeline, Featured

What Is A CRM?

At REIN, the first thing we ask for access to is our client’s sales or CRM system. We believe that the best place to start for improving a company’s marketing…
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iiii : About & Origin

We focus on immediate, tactical results with an eye towards a long-term, thoroughbred vision.

In Kentucky, horse trainers and bourbon distillers alike will tell you, there's something in the water. Our limestone water yields more than just thoroughbred race horses. It has given birth to REIN, we are a foal of an advertising agency in Louisville, but what we lack size & est years, we make up for with grit and tactics. By using first-party and third-party data, we arrive at an unbiased opinion of who your ideal customer is, and work with you to identify the optimal way of reaching them. In an age where data reins supreme, we ensure our clients have an advantage.

We engage with dedicated, multidisciplinary A-teams. Homogenous, siloed, cascading teams get you equally sterile results. On each of our carefully selected client engagements we custom craft a small team comprised of top-level researchers, designers, strategists and technologists. This team is lead by a member of senior leadership. We are deeply integrated with our client teams—collaborating, operating and moving quickly together across all aspects of the project.

More On Us

01. Foal

Sometimes your marketing efforts can seem unbridled or all over the place. Our first meeting will put your minds at ease. We put the reins back in your hands and show that the customer experiences are on multiple channels, touchpoints, interactions, and emotions, mapped out in real time. Our approach considers and designs for all moments across the customer journey. We then balance customer needs with a rich understanding of internal business requirements, systems of people, processes and technology. This approach allows us to have the greatest impact on all aspects of the brand-service-product ecosystem.

02. Yearling

Don’t change horses in the middle of a stream. At this point in the process, we are in it to win it together. The ultimate measure of any objective is driven by the people impacted by its results. This is why our holistic approach puts users first when making decisions, creating interactions and building systems. We spend as much time understanding the environments, needs, and behaviors of end consumers as we do plotting the work-lives and perspectives of the people powering our clients’ organizations. Would you change jockey’s 30 seconds before The Kentucky Derby?

03. Thoroughbred

Marketing today is tough. A lot of horses enter the race, but only a few finish in the money.  Working with REIN will yield a partnership as strong as the bond between a jockey and the horse. We are not looking for fast money, we are only interested in long-term, trust-based partnerships. After your company sees actual results on the bottom line, scalability becomes the next step. Guess what? That’s our favorite part, winning more races with you, both our hands on the reins, hitting our stride.

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We aren’t just pixel jockeys. We raise your brand as the champion thoroughbred it is or should be...

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