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We are a marketing & advertising technology agency In Louisville, Kentucky.

We focus on our partnership process: research & strategy, design & creativity, implementation & scale. We work together as in-house teammates with success as our only option, believing in the mantra, "The Map Isn't Always The Terrain," inside the marketing & advertising space. This allows us to quickly pivot to which channel/technology is working for your business, where your business is in its business lifecycle, and its positioning in the market.

In Kentucky, horse trainers and bourbon distillers alike will tell you, there's something in the water. Our limestone water yields more than just thoroughbred racehorses. It has given birth to REIN, what we lack in size & established years, we make up for with grit, adaptability, and tactics. By using first-party and third-party data, we arrive at an unbiased opinion of who your ideal customer is, and work with you to identify the optimal way of reaching them. In an age where data reigns supreme, we ensure our clients have an advantage.

Dan Eggleston-Partner

Serial entrepreneur with the grit and tactics to go 10 furlongs and then some.

Dan is a small business owner and entrepreneur. Dan comes into the stable from the INVANTI incubator network, heading up our customer experience mapping and marketing automation strategy. He has what matters most, first party data, running a multi-city service-based business. Dan has passion for adding value and having a net-positive impact on every brand he touches. Learn more about Dan in this spotlight piece.


  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Development
  • Data Analytics
  • KPI & Benchmarking
  • SEO/Schema
  • CRM Integration
  • Resident Millennial

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Gary Walker-Partner

The grizzled veteran with the young attitude and unquenchable thirst for all things good content.

Gary comes to rein with a plethora of talents. He is Director of Conent and head barista in charge. Gary has had an extensive career in all things marketing across a few different industries which helps develop our strategies and pull from his experienced wisdom.


  • SEO & SERP
  • Schema Markup
  • Content Machines
  • Social Media
  • Webmaster
  • Partner Management
  • CMS Educator
  • Resident Barista

Coming Soon...

Coral Abood-Partner

One of her photographs is acutally worth 1200 words.

Coral joins the team at rein.agency with years of photography and branding experience. She owns Willow Tree Imaging, which is Louisville’s premiere corporate photography studio. Hence why we wanted to partner with her.


  • Still Photography
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Social Media Photography
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Branding

George Demaree-Partner

Revenue growth focused, triple crown traditional media executive with over 30 years of relationship building and sales training experience.

George takes pride in his ability to develop relationships and has a keen sense for understanding marketing challenges and creating solutions. George has recruited and trained well over a hundred sales professionals, most of which have used his training method to have long and profitable sales careers. He and his team, help customers sift through the clutter, identify their competitive advantage, develop a marketing strategy and create a campaign that delivers measurable results.


  • Traditional Media Placement
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Coaching
  • Reputation Management
  • Closing Techniques
  • NEC Strategy
  • Account Management
  • Revenue Strategy

Tony Moore-Partner

Content & digital creator that can freestyle with the best of them. You won't catch him without his gear.

Tony has had a very successful career in the real estate game being the marketing arm of PaigeCooper-Moore Realty. Tony is always out creating and capturing content and decided to branch out for real estate some. Tony is hitting his stride as our videographer and editor.


  • Videography
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Drone/Ariel Videography
  • Story Boarding
  • Social Media Films
  • Sound Design
  • Corporate Commercials and Interviews

Matthew Stebbins-Founder & Partner

Breeder of holistic brand strategies & omni-channel advertising campaigns. Known to lead thoroughbreds to water & persuade them to drink.

After years of doing digital marketing, advertising, and sales in multiple sectors, Matt decided he wanted more. In 2019, he founded Rein to help provide directional, holistic, marketing support for companies who want their marketing pennies to pull their weight across the finish line. Matt is involved in every aspect of the agency; from the inception of the strategy, to the creative, to the implementation and scale.


  • Digital Design
  • Web Development
  • Video/Visual Production
  • Sound Engineering
  • Social Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • SEO | Schema
  • Branding

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