eLeaP is a SCORM-compliant training and learning management platform that helps organizations quickly create and track online training and e-learning to maximize performance while minimizing costs, IT and compliance headaches. eLeaP reached out to REIN in early 2020 seeking consultation and services to boost their lead generation services. Over the course of 2020 the relationship between rein.agency and eLeaP flourished, allowing rein.agency to spearhead a marketing technology overhaul, and consult on their product analytics and lifecycle engagement with customers who were already using their core eLeaP product.

The Problems

Our partner was dealing with a problem many of our partners face, scale. This seems like an easy fix, think again. Many variables, many moving parts. This is why we have three phases of our process, Research & Strategy, Design & Creative, Implementation & Scale.

The Solutions

All tasks listed below are just a couple of casual digital overhauls to their marketing technology stack.

  • Lead Generation & Attribution
    • Competitive analysis
      • Identified competitors product positioning, keywords they were advertising for, and pricing plans to help determine ad targeting
    • Historical Data Analysis
      • Assess customer data and get an understanding of who their primary customers are. Use the historical analysis to create audiences for ads targeting
      • Pulled all plan types to aggregate high grossing profit center, using a mix of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    • Data Visualization
      • Created visualizations of customer base, based on geography, industry, number of employees, job title and other variables to determine the types of customers to target in campaigns
    • Buyer Persona
      • ID 2-3 types of customers to target based on historical analysis and target market, and Customer Lifetime Value
    • Omnichannel Advertising Campaigns
      • Video first campaigns
      • On-brand, animated motion 3D graphics advertising videos (multiple messaging)
      • Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Programmatic (DSP) advertising 
      • Campaign attribution model and KPI reporting for each channel
  • Lead Management & Sales Process Automation
    • Omni-channel Funnel Automation
      • Use marketing technology to funnel leads from all lead sources(13) into CRM, with database caching and team notifications with pertinent sales data for a better understanding and first touch approach
      • Automatically run workflows based on certain client criteria, such as which lead source they are from and what stage of the sales process they are in, last conversation recording and next suggested step
    • Automated alerts to team Slack
      • Automatic alerts to the team when leads come in, when leads/deals turn cold. Also have individual alerts for when tasks are assigned to the team member for on the go or remote working
    • Automated assignment rules
      • Assign leads and tasks to specific team members based on lead criteria
    • Centralized email for multiple brands
      • Eleap
      • Capture Leave
      • 2 different products that they sell we have centralized email so they don’t need to switch inboxes to communicate with customers for each brand of product
    • Telephony for cold calling records and efficiency
      • Automatically call customers from the CRM with calls recorded and 
    • Calendly implement with automated booking integrated with CRM
  • Customer Retention and Product improvement (CDP Trifecta)
    • mParticle
      • Centralized customer data and control flow
      • Mapped product events to leads in CRM to aid sales team in follow-ups and sales
    • Amplitude
      • Product analytics to find areas for product improvement and to ID customers when they are HOT in a free trial
    • Braze
      • Cross Channel Personalization & Lifecycle Engagement Orchestration, using custom API events, we use this side of the CDP to bring Customer Experience full circle. 

The Results

The results speak for themselves, visit their website and let us know what you think of the Customer Experience we built for eLeaP. 

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