Ference-Arison Insurance Agency

Ference-Arison Insurance Agency, a division of Patriotic Growth Insurance, boasts over 30 years of providing health coverage for individuals, families, and businesses in Florida.  As one of Florida’s trusted authorities on Florida Medicare or Health Plans, FAI provides expert assistance to those seeking out affordable, high-quality health insurance. FAI was looking for an all-encompassing solution, or a Holistic Experiential Marketing approach, that aligned their systems, services, processes, and customer touchpoints, with the end goal of delivering a seamless, consistent customer experience across multiple channels. As such, their prospective customers would be introduced to a congruent branded content experience. 

The Problems

FAI was fully prepared to overhaul its existing marketing technology to current-day practices.

With the former digital presence, CRM, and data pipeline, the problems Ference-Arison Insurance was facing were multi-faceted:

  • Broken Data Pipeline: FAI’s original data pipeline was experiencing sub-par tracking, zero analytics, zero channel attribution, etc…
  • KPI’s: FAI was spending a lot of time searching for where this lead came from, how much the lead costs, and why they were moved to take action and opt-in.
  • Inefficient Workflow: FAI was on the phone qualifying leads, they were writing down these lead details and needed to transfer them into their CRM to keep good track of them, which took even more time. Oftentimes, they would lose valuable information pertaining to the lead case (Medicaid).
  • Marketing Technology: FAI had no remarketing capabilities, no segmentation, no marketing automation, no SMS marketing capabilities.
  • Content Strategy: No “educational opportunities” or lead magnets.
  • Poor UX/UI: The brand has long been established. Unfortunately, the digital experience on the website and micro-sites were lacking. The target demographics of the brand were having a difficult time navigating the digital presence of FAI.

The Solutions

At the beginning of 2019, FAI decided to make Rein.agency their go-to for solving all of their pain points. They wanted to be less focused on making educated guesses, and be more focused on removing risk from their funnels and business as a whole.

The goals of this challenge boiled down to these key solutions/goals:

  • Reduce the massive risk of running expensive omnichannel campaigns that have data leaks, no marketing automation or segmentation, and no channel insights (what’s working and what’s not).
  • Easy to edit and navigate the website and microsites.
  • SMS/MMS 2-way marketing capabilities.
  • Automated Chatbot on-site to further enhance communication channel.
  • Having more outbound marketing/media leads to convert to customers using “Educational Opportunities” (webinar) and lead magnets downloads.
    • Educate people on health coverage products and strategies.

The Results

The first step in our strategy for this mar-tech makeover involved starting with the website, the centerpiece of the company’s data pipeline.

We built a mobile & video first, full react, search optimized, UX-focused website. This new website features over 30 custom agent pages with custom CTA videos, providing ease of access to FAI’s agent arsenal.

In conjunction with the above-noted features, in-depth Wistia video playback tracking was implemented, providing quarter-over-quarter analytics tracking.

Marketing Louisville

Then we moved onto Marketing CRM, automation structure, content strategy, & brand positioning. 


Finally, we rolled out a full omnichannel campaign to launch the new, mobile-first FAI brand. As part of our omnichannel campaign, we implemented a full demand-side platform (DSP) targeting potential leads based on their location and behavior. Below are a few of the creatives. 

To date, the digital overhaul repositioning has been a documented success with substantial increases in market share, managed asset portfolio, and new client acquisition.  

Follow up quantitative research indicates FAI is winning across the board:


Impression Lift



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