Tony Walker Financial is a retirement planning & financial services company with three area locations, they service the Louisville DMA, Bowling Green DMA, and their newest office serving the Lexington DMA. Their core business offerings are complete retirement planning, safe financial investments, and 401k rollovers. TWF was looking for a full circle solution or what we call, “Holistic Experiential Marketing”. Meaning, in today’s hyper-connected world, your prospective customer needs a focused, congruent branded content experience. Your website is the foundation for your brand’s data pipeline, experiential marketing, segment tracking, etc…

The Problems

TWF was ready to step into the 21st century of marketing technology or Mar-tech for a short.


With the former digital presence, CRM and data pipeline, the problems Tony Walker Financial was facing were multi-faceted:

  • Broken Data Pipeline: TWF’s original data pipeline leaked, like a titanic leak. ZERO tracking, zero analytics, zero channel attribution, etc…..
  • KPI’s: TWF was spending a lot of time searching for where this lead came from, how much the lead costs, and why they were moved to take action and opt-in.
  • Ineffecient Workflow: TWF was on the phone qualifying leads, they were writing down these lead details and needed to transfer them into their CRM to keep good track of them, which took even more time. Oftentimes, they would lose valuable information pertaining to the leads case (401k deadline rollovers). In worst-case scenarios, they would regrettably misplace lead information.
  • Marketing CRM: TWF had an ancient CRM only storing current clients info and records, nothing for leads or potential leads.
  • Marketing Technology: TWF had no remarketing capabilities, no segmentation, no marketing automation, no SMS marketing capabilities.
  • Content Strategy: No “educational opportunities” or lead magnets.
  • Poor UX/UI: The brand has long been established. Unfortunately, the digital experience on the webiste and micro-sites were lacking. The target demographics of the brand was having a diffucult time navigating the digital presence of TWF.

The Solutions

At the beginning of 2019, TWF decided to make their go-to for solving all of their pain points. They wanted to be less focused on making educated guesses, and be more focused on removing risk from their funnels and business as a whole.


The goals of this challenge boiled down to these key solutions/goals:

  • Reduce the massive risk of running expensive omnichannel campaigns that have data leaks, no marketing automation or segmentation, and no channel insights (what’s working and what’s not).
  • Easy to edit and navigate the website and microsites.
  • SMS/MMS 2-way marketing capabilities.
  • Automated Chatbot on-site to handle after-hours requests.
  • Having more outbound marketing/media leads to convert to customers using “Educational Opportunities” (webinar) and lead magnets downloads.
    • Educate people on the benefits of safer investment products and strategies.

The Results

The first step in our year-long strategy for this mar-tech makeover, starting with the website, the cornerstone of your companies data pipeline. We built a mobile & video first, search optimized, UX focused website. 


Then we moved onto Marketing CRM, automation structure, content strategy, & brand positioning. 


Finally, we rolled out the inbound omnichannel campaign to launch the new, mobile-first TWF brand. Utilizing a mobile first omni channel campaign, we were able to place ads in real time targeting potentinal lead based on their location and behvaior. Below are a few of the creatives. Tony likes to have fun with his is brand!

To date, the digital overhaul, re-positioning has been a documented success with substantial increases in market share, managed asset portfolio, and new client acquisition.  A new, safer retirement mindset culture has flourished in the area.

Follow up quantitative research indicates TWF is winning across the board:

  • Marketing contacts database has increased 300%

  • Leads have increased by 156%

  • Youtube Follows up 200%

  • Increase of 38% FB likes and follows

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