UVC Lightforce Logo designed by Rein Agency

UVC Lightforce was founded in 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana by an infectious disease physician, a local businessman, and his inventive son. Through their collective efforts, an economic, mobile, self-contained, germicidal UV cleaning device was designed and tested to meet the environmental sanitation demands of the healthcare industry. 

Amid an outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 and widespread panic to curb the deadly disease, health officials had begun asserting the duty among business owners to maintain a sterile work environment for their employees and patrons. Cleaning products became a scarce commodity, and UV light had proven to be an efficient and cost-effective way to decontaminate surface areas and stop the spread of bacteria and viral pathogens. 

With a full inventory on hand and the world hyper-focused on sanitation, UVC was face-to-face with a big opportunity to establish its position in the market.  It was time to revamp their marketing efforts and digital presence to obtain national reach. That’s when UVC Lightforce decided to make rein.agency the agency of record for solving all of their digital marketing needs.

The Problems

 A young company ready to make headway into the market, UVC Lightforce’s group of engineers had a bigger problem to deal with, a challenge none were too eager to conquer themselves. 

The team at UVC were wise enough to know they needed some serious improvements to begin marketing online. The state of their current website was a far cry away from reflecting the modern technical capabilities their product had to offer.

Their goal was to create a brand true to their product, “an inventive and highly efficient solution”. A brand image that would translate the capabilities of the UVC Lightforce at a  glance. They weren’t sure how they would get over this hurdle, but they knew where to start. They were ready to break into the 2020 tech world of online marketing, and rein.agency was ready to get them in shape. 

After our initial meeting we conducted an analysis of  UVC Lightforce’s current efforts, goals, and areas of improvement. Areas of improvement  we found included:

  • Insufficient Brand Recognition:The inconsistent use of multiple logos, paired with a clashing color scheme, were heavily diminishing the credibility of their product’s technical capabilities.  Their marketing materials were poorly illustrated, text-heavy, and tailored for a scientific audience. Which made it difficult for potential customers to find, or understand, crucial product information.
Clashing Color Scheme.
Basic San-Serif Font
  • Inadequate Web PresenceUVC’s initial Wix hosted website lacked cross-device compatibility and mobile functionality. Poor website performance, lack of keywords, faulty user experience, and slow load time resulted in non-existent search rankings on Google. UVC was getting outranked by flashy competitors as well as knockoff brands despite the efficiency of their product and lower price point.
  • Nonscalable Marketing Infrastructure: UVC hadn’t come up with any digital marketing plan or how to make anything out of leads coming through their primitive website. Their sales team couldn’t fully utilize their website data or digital marketing materials. Getting some data tracking capabilities set up as soon as possible would be imperative and invaluable in moving forward with growing the young company.

The Solutions

With a solid foundation of an inventive product, we as an agency, were eager to provide the building blocks of a scalable digital marketing strategy that would have the potential to culminate UVC Lightforce to be  synonymous with UV light decontamination.  Our  goal was to provide a scalable marketing strategy with modern and sleek marketing content out of the door as quickly as possible. We were ready to remove the confusion around UVC’s previous efforts and construct a cohesive, trusting brand image. 

Trusting in the performance of their product, the recipe was: 

  • Create a new mobile-first, video focused, SEO optimized website that would establish market positioning and rank higher on Google for SEM & paid search marketing efforts, backed with data driven schema markup.
  • Devise an omni-channel content marketing campaign strategy backed by data and digital research conducted with Google Analytics and UTM tracking. With data driven tactics and newly installed Lead Tracking Capabilities, we would be able to back UVC’s improved performance and provide the groundwork to improve their performance and sales tactics over time.
  • Create branded rich media content that can be utilized across devices, capable of satisfying all buyer personas in an efficient manner. This would include a  video marketing strategy, modern motion graphics like SVG’s, illustrative imagery, PDF Printable Brochure, and QR code capabilities.

The Results

Video Production:

rein.agency swiftly produced a modern video that illustrates and exemplifies the technical capabilities and uses of UVC Lightforce in a quick, enjoyable manner. This video is the company’s flagship marketing piece, and allows UVC to capitalize on a sales pitch that can be viewed at any time, and on any device.

Full stack Website Design & Development:

We revamped UVC Lightforce’s website with media rich content, cross-device compatible with seamless mobile and desktop viewing. We produced a revitalized homepage with SVG motion graphics that would accomplish positive initial impressions of the technical capabilities of UVC.

UVC LIghtforce Iphone Movkup

Professional Logo Design:

UVC’s previous design had little to do with the product itself and instead depicted a chemical facade. We decided to create a modernized icon that exhibited UVC Lightforce’s UV light technology that could be used simultaneously for demonstrative purposes in marketing material and  infographics.

UVC Lightforce Logo designed by Rein Agency
UVC Lightforce Logo designed by Rein Agency UVC Lightforce logo Black

Media Rich Marketing Content Strategy:

We created a printable PDF brochure for the sales team and devised a “How-To” video easily accessible at any time on the new website through an encrypted QR code scan.

To round everything out we utilized Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to install data tracking. Then taught the UVC Lightforce sales team how to leverage their newly constructed digital marketing infrastructure backed by data.

UVC Lightforce Printable PDF Item Showcase

Our freshly designed website and marketing materials are now being utilized across all devices creating an omni-channel marketing stack for UVC Lightforce, measurable and scalable for years to come.

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