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Reactive Search integrates sub-symbolic machine learning techniques into search heuristics for solving complex optimization problems. By automatically adjusting the working parameters, a reactive search self-tunes and adapts, effectively learning by doing until a solution is found. Intelligent Optimization, a superset of Reactive Search, concerns online and off-line schemes based on the use of memory, adaptation, incremental development of models, experimental algorithms applied to optimization, intelligent tuning and design of heuristics.


Confusing Right?


In simpler terms, Reactive Search & Intelligent optimization is the idea of optimizing your website in order to create the most value for and from users. With REIN, it goes beyond SEO auditing – expanding into sales funnels, pixels, automation and most importantly, data harvesting.
For the last 7-10 years, intelligent optimization has been overlooked and replaced by tactics solely set on “rankings.” On-Brand Qualified leads are extremely important, but your business doesn’t have time to waste being pitched on another SEO strategy.
Instead, opt for intelligent optimization. In 2019, intelligent optimization will be the main driver for search engines. Therefore, we’ve outlined our top 5 things your business can be doing for intelligent optimization today:

1. Utilize

When speaking to vendors about potential SEO/SERP strategies, listen closely. If they don’t mention, they’re far behind on their knowledge of modern SEO. is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages and beyond.
Schemas are lines of code added into the backend of your website that tell search engines, like Google, information about your site. For example, this is the schema for one of our industry exclusive partners, our schema markup is as followed:

<name >  Tony Walker Financial

<description > Financial & Retirement Planning Services 

<address > 8303 Shelbyville Road

<city > Louisville

<region > KY

<postal code > 40222

The list continues. If you want to look how your schema is structured, use Google’s Structured Data Tool

Google treats schema marked-up sites with authority, allowing you to move up in rankings quickly. More importantly, schema creates rich snippets (those boxes you see in Google search), allowing your business to be found more easily.

Lastly, schema markup is going to play a huge role in the future of business as a whole, since it is the primary source of information for voice control assistants like Google Home and Alexa.

2. Create Holistic Sales Funnels

It’s simple, but many web developers don’t understand sales. Intelligent optimization places a heavy emphasis on pushing your web visitor to create an action. This is common place for business owners, but web developers need to understand this as well. We do! Because we are a holistic experience advertising agency with years of experience in sales, big data, web dev, and advertising. 

In a service-oriented business, ensure that at the end of every single page, there is a very clear button that says, “Contact.” The funnel should always be structured to create the desired action, in this case, contacting your business. For e-commerce sites, make sure your best selling items are also presented at the bottom of your page (you want them at the top as well).

Giving users the ability to create action at every step along the journey is crucial for intelligent optimization.

3. Add The Right Pixels

Once again, a simple rule, but very important for web developers to be aware of. Not only should a Google Analytics tracking code be placed, but a Facebook Pixel needs to be added as well.

Facebook has two key benefits for businesses, an analytics dashboard and their Custom Audience tool. The Facebook Pixel cookies a users browser, and when they return to Facebook, it retargets the user with your businesses ads. It’s a highly effective retargeting method, with some industries experiencing average conversion rates upwards of over 14%.

The best way to organize your pixels is still through Google Tag Manager. If you’re not familiar with GTM, you definitely need to be.

4. Use Automation In The Right Ways

Tools like IFTTT and Zapier can become a business’s best friend, especially small businesses. For intelligent optimization to become effective, choosing the right methods for automat is very important.

An example of the wrong way to automate would be automating follow-up emails. You’ve more than likely received an automated follow-up email disguised as a real response from a sales rep. It’s very apparent and generally comes off cheap, annoying and dishonest.

When automating, look for opportunities that will save the company time and doesn’t engage interpersonally with customers. A great example would be automating social media postings from the blog. A simple Zapier script that cross-posts to all social channels from your blog would be a great start.

5. Data Harvesting specializes in data-driven, holistic experience marketing, and one of the first questions we always ask clients is how they collect data on customers. Combining web pixels, sales funnels, and Custom Audiences gives your company an edge to creating a powerful CRM database. Once you have the data, knowing the best way to analyze and utilize it is crucial to a successful marketing campaign in 2019.

Data-driven marketing is the future, and being able to leverage your site’s data is the first step in creating a one-to-one, thoroughbred marketing campaign.

These 5 steps are created for intelligent optimization, however, each of them translates into the bigger picture for your company. Understanding user, the user experience and how your potential customers behave can all be found within your proprietary data. We act as the reins and jockey to analyze and create actionable campaigns from this database.

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