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Get that boost from Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is one of the best tools for marketers to master. It’s versatility and ease of use make it one of our most recommended tools to customers who want to gain insights and data from their websites. It’s easy to learn, it’s easy to implement, and it’s easy to make changes on the fly when you make changes to your site. It goes hand-in-hand with Google Analytics and allows deployment of remarketing tags for any platform without having to mess with the site code every time. Plus, it’s free. 

There are unlimited use cases for using GTM to gain an edge, but you don’t need to be an advanced marketer or coder to earn the benefits of its basic functionality. Getting started is easy. Here is how your in-house marketing team can get going with GTM!

Configuring with Google Analytics

Get your feet wet with GTM by configuring your Google Analytics. GTM makes it simple to deploy your Google Analytics tracking code without getting into the code of your website. Deploying the Google Analytics Global Tag is as simple as creating a Tag using the Universal Google Analytics template, add your Google Analytics ID, and select “Page View: All Pages” as your trigger.

Once you have this deployed properly you can get more advanced with your Analytics by creating events.

Utilizing events with GTM and Google Analytics

Events are a great way to compile aggregate and specific data about how users behave with your website. Depending on how creative you want to get, you can measure just about anything. A few examples of events are: 

  • Element Clicks
  • Page Scroll
  • Element Visibility

It’s easy to see how you can get some pretty useful data out of these types of metrics. You can also segment the data by things like URL, or by adding dynamic labels and values to show up in your Google Analytics console. We use this to test design concepts on our sites. How many people clicked on this element vs. that element? On average, how far are people scrolling down on our “Pricing” page? How many impressions is our promotion getting compared to total page views? These are insights we can gain by using Google Tag Manager in conjunction with Google Analytics. 

Enhancing remarketing data with GTM

One of our favorite capabilities of GTM is its ability to deploy any type of tag by using Custom HTML or one of their defined templates. Rein is a Holistic Digital Marketing Agency, which means we focus on omnichannel presence and campaigns. In order to optimize our ads, we need to build hyper focused audiences in all of our marketing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads to name a few. 

GTM is the best tool to lay the foundation to build better audiences. Not only can you deploy the required tags from each platform, but you can use the same triggers that you have been using for your analytics events to segment your audiences. Are you a SaaS company with multiple pricing options? You can use GTM to segment the customers that show more interest in enterprise plans from those who are interested in budget plans. With those audiences segmented, your remarketing ads can be served accordingly!


In summary

You can get so much more out of your web visitors with the proper utilization of GTM. Whether you want to understand more about the UX/UI of your site or if you want to get more out of your remarketing efforts across channels, GTM is a great place to efficiently deploy and manage all of your tags. 

We have seen GTM transform in-house marketing teams from maidens to Running for the Roses.

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