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Device ID targeting is something that doesn’t get a lot of discussion, partially because there’s such a buzz around IP targeting. While IP targeting is effective for determining location, it doesn’t offer the specificity of device targeting. It’s an even more powerful tool that allows you to develop new customer insights and drive new audience segments, and more.

If you’re not yet using device ID targeting, or you’re not even really sure what it is, keep reading. We’ll discuss the basics of this method and its benefits, as well as how you can put it to work for your digital advertising needs. To begin with, let’s break down the basics of what this process entails.

Device ID Targeting 101

Every single smart device has its own unique code, just as people have their own fingerprints, allowing it to be differentiated from the millions of other smart devices out there on the market. Device IDs are typically obtained once they are within a specific location range, at which point they can then be used to send targeted ads to a very specific individual.

IP targeting only focuses on the address, which is limiting in many forms of advertising. Therefore, it’s usually best used for household targeting and home addresses. Device IDs, on the other hand, can come from a specific location or point of interest, but the ads cannot be served until 24 hours after the device is out of the location range. Essentially, it allows you to remarket to people after they’ve left and you no longer have IP targeting capabilities.

You can even request that device ID targeting be done for a certain period or time frame. For example, if you want all the device IDs that pinged an IP address at a charity fundraiser so that you can reach out to them about donations, you can pick the exact hours and location of that event, and from there the devices can be tracked down and used for targeted marketing.

This newer method of advertising is designed to cater to very specific audiences and customers to increase your return on investment and maximize your ad spend dollars. It does that, along with many other things.

The Benefits of Device ID Targeting

For phone service providers and manufacturers, this targeting has been used for a long time. After all, it makes sense to cater ads to those who use certain devices. Apple, for example, targets iPads for new iPad advertisements and iPhones for the latest iPhone ads. This is a very basic example, but it sets the stage.

The biggest benefit of device ID targeting is that it creates an endless list of possibilities for finding opportunities to engage new audiences, including sports venues, college campuses, and even special locations of interest. For example, if you have a bakery near the historic town tourists love to visit, you might want to target the devices of people who have visited recently and advertise your online store and shipping services so they can order a treat to remind them of their fun time.

Of course, there’s a newer benefit that has been discovered with this advertising method, too: data enhancement. When you know where customers are and what locations they frequent, you can improve your customer insights and thereby improve your marketing efforts toward various audience segments. Studies have shown that people spend up to four or more hours a day on their smart devices. In light of recent COVID restrictions, it’s far more likely that the number has increased. As such, device ID targeting offers a contactless, convenient, and creative way to reach out to audiences and customers by knowing their habits and preferences.

It’s all about personalization, ultimately, and that’s what today’s customers demand. The more personalized your marketing efforts can be, the more special consumers will feel. When they feel appreciated and valued, they’re far more likely to become and/or remain a customer. You can create a special offer for someone based on a recent purchase or relevant location visit. Perhaps you’ll even advertise a specific promotion to a competitor’s audience. However you use it, this tool can help you in many different ways.

rein agency graphic of device idThe Marketing of the Future

We’ve watched over the past decade as marketing has gotten more and more personalized, targeting smaller and smaller groups and even catering to individual clients and leads with things like IP targeting and device ID targeting. Mobile devices drive the world around us today and now that we’re learning more about the insights of their habits, activities, and tendencies, it is giving businesses more marketing opportunities.

Take the time to learn as much as you can about this marketing tool and what it could do for your business. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you don’t have to do it alone. You can work with a professional marketing agency that will manage everything, from your IP targeting and device ID campaigns to other marketing campaigns, tracking and reporting, and more. This kind of professional assistance is what will set you apart and give you the best outcomes with newer marketing resources like device IDs.

At REIN, we’re all about cutting-edge marketing technology and taking our clients to the 21st century with solutions like device ID targeting. Our team provides a holistic approach to marketing with a focus on innovative and experiential solutions and can help you with everything from simple campaigns to complex marketing strategies and digital advertising solutions. We know the value of targeting customers based on their devices and usage, and we understand exactly how to reach them to get the best results. Call us today to discuss your marketing needs or learn more about how device ID targeting and other marketing solutions from REIN can help you harness your targeted advertising success.


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