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Videos, we could add some euphemism here but we’ll spare you. Studies have shown that users on the Internet would rather watch a video than read an article or any other content. Even when it comes to ad preferences, many users still prefer videos to other types of marketing. Video marketing offers endless possibilities, but you’ll also need to consider your style, your goals, and what your intended user looks like.

After all, different users respond to content differently. Educational videos for a high-level brand could be valuable but could appear dry to some if they aren’t done well. Simple how-to videos could even come off as complicated if the material isn’t well-designed. You have to think about which videos you can most benefit from and how to maximize those benefits.

The Value of Video

There are many benefits that come from adding video. For starters, it gives you a much higher chance that users are actually seeing your message and hearing what you have to say. Written content is fine, but people don’t typically like reading. In fact, content for the web today is specifically written for skimmers– if you can hook people in with a video instead, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re not sold on the value of video marketing, check out these statistics. Then, read on to learn about the videos that every business needs.

The Videos You Need

Here is a list of all of the videos every company should have and why they matter. If you don’t have any of them, make a note so that you can add them.


Explainer videos are a great tool to explain complex products or services. They can also help promote brand awareness. These high-level videos are generally designed to explain how a product can solve a problem. This means that they don’t really need to show the actual item in question (product or service), so they’re often animated to make them more engaging. These videos can be created for all verticals, and are simply a means to answer “what’s in it for me?” from the buyer’s perspective.


This is a pretty straightforward one. Anything in your industry can become a how-to video. For example, many home improvement retailers have how-to videos for projects, crafts, and home improvements where they promote the various products they sell. It gives people useful information and offers a marketing platform.

Hype, Teaser, and Promo Videos

Today’s consumer loves a good hype video. These are great for building your brand awareness and increasing traffic. They’re popular for new releases or new brand launches, but they can work well for existing brands, too. Consider how you can turn a marketing “story” into a promo video for your customers.

Thought Leadership

The whole idea of these videos is to help share a unique perspective with the audience. This allows you to build trust and a following. They can be used for establishing expertise or just educating the audience with a human connection. The most important thing here is that these videos need to be authentic. People will notice if you’re insincere.

Webinars (Live and Recorded)

Webinars are a popular choice for people who want to learn more about an industry or topic. This helps generate leads, guide prospects, and provide insight on better targets for your marketing efforts. You can have live events or pre-recorded webinars, or a combination of the two. You can schedule them to make them feel more exclusive and invitational, or you can publish them on the website for free access at the leisure of the user.

Case Studies

This is another great use of video for any business. The only thing better than explaining what people are getting from your brand is showing them. When you use case studies, you will be able to showcase the need of your industry and the problem that your product or service solves. You can also provide customer testimonials for firsthand insight. It’s a great way to give people concrete proof that your brand delivers on its promises.


Demos are great to help buyers justify their buying decision and to educate them on what they’re actually getting. These are similar to explainer videos, but they go more in-depth and actually showcase the product or service and its value. Rather than just telling people the value of your brand, these videos give concrete proof of your product or service in action. This demo video basically shows them that you understand their world.

Company Culture

This is a great choice to not only help improve employee morale and recruit talent but to reach audiences and build brand affinity. People want to know that they’re working with reputable brands. If you show them who you are and what you stand for, they’ll respond in kind. You can showcase holiday videos, “about” videos, team member spotlights, and more.

Personalized Messages

If you really want to get people’s attention, personalized video is the way to go. This allows you to incorporate personal details, such as someone’s name or title, as well as photos, company information, and more. Giving people that personalized touch can increase response rates drastically and impress even some of your most skeptical customers.

Solve Your Video Needs Now

If you’re looking for the perfect way to improve your video marketing strategy, look no further. The experienced team at REIN can make sure that your video marketing is just as effective as the rest of your marketing campaigns. We’ll help you come up with the videos that you need, from concept to creation, and make sure that your brand makes the best impression every single time.

Whether you’re ready to get started or you just want to know more about your options for video marketing, contact the REIN team today.


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