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The omnichannel experience is one that many people talk about, or hear about, but few people really understand. In today’s marketing world, the road is leading toward personalized, one-on-one connections with consumers through a variety of channels, devices, and mediums. Currently, the effectiveness of various “standard” marketing methods like TV ads, email campaigns, and print media are seeing a huge decline.

The answer is omnichannel marketing; unfortunately, the consumer is miles ahead of the marketing world for the most part. Read on to learn more about what this marketing method entails and see 10 great examples of brands that are doing omnichannel right.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is simply the process of creating a seamless user experience across all channels and devices. The fancy buzzwords might get in the way, but it’s really a basic concept. Brands need to simplify and streamline. They need to make sure that when consumers engage with them on any platform or device, in any arena or medium, that they will have the exact same experience, or at least the intended experience, based on your marketing strategy.

In order to be most effective with this strategy, you really have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Think about the customer experience– try it out a few different ways. Make sure that the experience is seamless, barrier-free, and gives users the best chance of the least hassle every single time. Before you get into creating your own omnichannel marketing strategy, let’s look at the brands that are setting the bar and how high it’s being set.

Who’s Doing Omnichannel Marketing Right?

Several major (and minor) brands are making quite an impression with their omnichannel approach. Check out the leaders and see what they are doing, as well as how they’re doing it, and make sure to take notes.


Disney has one of the most interactive, effective, user-friendly websites out there. Plus, their trip planner’s mobile operation is seamless, flawless, and virtually hassle-free. Trips that are booked can be managed with the My Disney Experience tool, and the Magic Band program offers a digital hotel room key, photo storage device, food ordering device, and fast pass integration.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin allows its customer service representatives to be people, not just numbers in a queue. They will connect with a customer, provide them with support, and then offer a direct line of communication across all channels, from social media to email, phone, and more, to ensure that customers get a personalized experience.

Bank of America

It’s not often you hear about someone with a flawless bank app or even a seamless cross-platform experience. However, Bank of America has done it and they have done it well. They have a dynamic experience that integrates seamlessly and offers the same experience on desktop, mobile, and elsewhere. There are still some complex tasks that can’t be done from mobile, but for the most part, they have every channel covered to ensure that customers get the same experience in every interaction.


This is an example of one of the best omnichannel strategies out there. The Starbucks app alone offers a rewards program, the ability to use the rewards for points, pay from the app, and more. You can even check and reload cards online, in-store, or over the phone. Plus, any changes are updated immediately on all platforms and devices. You can reload your card on the spot and pay for your drink in seconds, all from the app.


Chipotle is a great example of seamless online food ordering. Users get the same experience from the Chipotle app that they get from the website and won’t have many of the common barriers that food apps are known for. Chipotle lets you save orders, get an order for the team together, choose a delivery or pickup time, and even navigate through the screens with ease. It is one of the best apps for food ordering that we’ve seen in terms of the omnichannel approach.


Orvis discovered that its customers like technology, but they’re not quite comfortable with it yet. Thus, the company invested in tablets for their employees that had eCommerce and CRM tools installed on them. This allows them to order products to the store, charge customers for online and in-store orders, and assist customers with online shopping, and more. has a unique approach to connecting retailers with leads, which is where it utilizes the omnichannel approach. When retailers put a product on the site, the site will send push notifications to those in the retailer’s location, allowing the users to visit the store or come to to get the order delivered to them. It’s a great way to cross-promote.


Sephora allows users to connect their online shopping experience to their in-store visits. Customers can use tablets in the store to access their online accounts while they shop, too, helping them look up details and even virtually “try on” products so that they can decide whether they like them. The brand recognizes that it has a lot to offer and that can be overwhelming, so they wanted to find a way to make the experience easier for visitors. The omnichannel approach is serving them well thus far.


Walgreens has perfected the pharmacy app and omnichannel experience. They have designated the mobile tool as the primary one for brand communication, ensuring that customers can do everything possible without having to call or come to the store. This app is less about groundbreaking features and more about fundamental functions that users need and can benefit from.

Benefit Cosmetics

After a UK competition, Benefit Cosmetics took a trip across the region to provide brow bars to the winners. This was the BrowMobile campaign, and you can bet that it was promoted on all platforms and channels. It also had a beauty drive-thru, which was marketed through social media and other channels. This move alone increased its market share of brow products to 60%.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the omnichannel game, contact the team at REIN to discuss how your company can get started.


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