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Attracting new buyers to your business is hard enough. But engaging and retaining the ones you already have is even more challenging, no matter what your business sells or does. Fortunately, digital marketing can help. The key to maintaining customers is quite simple: if you desire to increase customer loyalty, you have to be loyal to your customer first. By using digital marketing, you engage with your audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. It allows you to understand your target audience on a deeper level and more effectively cater to their needs and pain points. When your business’ decisions are rooted in customer data, they are much more likely to result in solid customer experiences and brand loyalty.

But customer data can be vast and has a terrible reputation for being difficult to understand. Not all businesses know the best ways to collect, analyze, and interact with it. This is where Rein can help. 


We have developed a customer data “Trifecta” to help you manage your data better, hyper-personalize the customer experience, engage with customers more efficiently and effectively via automation, and give you the kind of control and know-how to support better business decisions. 


The Trifecta can be boiled down to three synergistic components: 


  1. A customer data platform (CDP)
  2. Product analytics 
  3. Lifecycle engagement

Understanding what each component does

A CDP controls the flow of data. It acts as a type of online switchboard, gathering all of the information and deciding what data needs to go to which platform. Our Trifecta utilizes a CDP called mParticle, a service that allows you to capture your customer input from all of your platforms and data sources and then forward it to leading marketing, analytics, and information warehousing solutions. 

Product analytics is about understanding exactly how users interact with your product. Whether you make a SaaS product or have an ecommerce store, there is a digital trace of user behavior. Product analytics involves tracking that behavior and arranging it in a way that makes sense. It allows you to test your assumptions and see which parts of your current strategies are paying off. The answers to these questions will give you areas to test and improve your customer experience, leading to increased retention and lifetime value.

Rein incorporates Amplitude to provide product analytics in real-time, and to help give you a concrete answer to those important questions, such as:

  1. Who are my most valuable customers?
  2. What actions do those valuable customers take?
  3. Who are the customers that churn?
  4. What actions do churned users take?
  5. What are the characteristics of highly engaged users?

Lifecycle engagement is all about engaging customers throughout their buying journey. 


At Rein we leverage Braze, a lifecycle engagement platform that uses your customer profiles to help you segment, personalize, and optimize communication with your customers. Instead of manually patching together disparate campaigns, it incorporates AI to empower you to create relevant, continuous, human ones delivered when, where, and how your customers need them most. Braze also delivers detailed analytics and visuals for a clear, cohesive picture of campaign outcomes.

Understanding how the components interact with each other

Rein combines these services to create a highly efficient, and highly adaptable closed feedback loop. You may be thinking, ‘how exactly does this loop work?’.


  1. mParticle collects data from our web or mobile app. 
  2. Next, mParticle sends user-specific engagement analytics and web app event data to Amplitude, where we can control its flow and avoid having to implement multiple SDKs on our site/app. 
  3. Amplitude then exports segmented customer data to Braze where it is used to deliver automated and highly tailored engagement via push notifications, email, and web notifications.
  4.  Finally, engagement analytics are sent from Braze back to mParticle 

…and around and around we go from there.

Why closed-loop marketing is important for your business

Closed-loop marketing directs your attention to the most powerful conversion events and channels. By looking at the sources and offers that traditionally bring in new customers for your organization, you will be able to identify the behavior you need to engage in to qualify leads and push them through the sales funnel. Furthermore, closed-loop marketing lets you measure the successes and failures of your customer experience strategies in real-time (as they’re implemented). This can save time, money, and most importantly, will help your business adapt to your clients’ ever-changing needs. See our latest case study on how we implemented the Customer Data Platform Trifecta for our partner, eLeaP

Learn more about our Customer Data Trifecta and it can help you grow your business.

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